The Companion of Prophet Musa (a.s.) in Paradise

The Companion of Prophet Musa (a.s.) in Paradise

Once, while conversing with God, Prophet Musa (a.s.) requested: 

“O’ Lord!  I desire to meet the person, who is to be my companion in Paradise.”

Jibraeel descended and informed him that his companion was to be a butcher who lived in a certain place.  Prophet Musa (a.s.) set out in search of him and arrived at his shop, when he noticed a youth, resembling a night watchman, busy selling meat.

When night fell, the youth took some meat and proceeded towards his house.  Musa (a.s.) followed him till they reached there.

Musa (a.s.) approached the youth and said, “Would you not like to have a guest?”  The youth willingly agreed and took him inside. 

Musa (a.s.) watched the youth preparing some food.  When he had finished, he brought down a large basket from the upper storey.   Bringing out an old and wizened woman from inside it, he washed her and then proceeded to feed her with his own hands. When the youth was about to carry the basket back to its original place, Musa (a.s.) noticed the old lady’s lips move as she mumbled something incomprehensible.  The youth then brought food for him and both of them ate their dinner.

Musa inquired, “What is your relation with this old lady?”

The youth replied, “She is my mother and since my financial state does not allow me to purchase a slave-girl for her, I myself strive to serve and look after her.”

Musa questioned further, “What did your mother mumble before you took her upstairs?”

He responded, “Whenever I wash her and feed her, she prays:  May God forgive you and place you in the company and in the rank of Prophet Musa (a.s.) in Paradise.”

Hearing this, Musa (a.s.) said, “O’ Youth!  I give you glad tidings; God has accepted your mother’s prayers and Jibraeel has informed me that you shall be my companion in Paradise!”

Pand-e-Taareekh, vol. 1, pg. 68; Tuhfa-e-Shaahi (Faadhil Kaashifi).


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